Ammonia Decomposition Generator Application

The liquid ammonia firstly enters the ammonia carburetor to vaporize the liquid ammonia. Gaseous ammonia is regulated by the pressure reducing valve set, and then heat is exchanged with the high-temperature gas from the decomposition furnace. After preheating, ammonia gas can enter the pyrolysis furnace. At a high temperature of 850℃ and under the action of the catalyst, ammonia is decomposed into a mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen containing 75%H2 and 25%N2. After the mixed gas passes through the heat exchanger, the temperature drops to room temperature, and after the flow control, it can be purified.

ammonia decomposition processing

Two Parts: Electric Furnace And Decomposing Furnace Tube In Decomposition Furnace

  • Electric furnace is composed of heating element, refractory material, heat preservation material, thermistor and electric temperature control device. The electrothermal element is made of nickel-chromium alloy Cr20Ni80, which has good mechanical performance at high temperature, strong corrosion resistance, and can withstand alternating heating and cooling. It is easy to process and weld at room temperature, with large resistance, small resistance temperature coefficient, stable power, and the long-term service temperature up to 1100℃. Nichrome alloy is fixed to the electric furnace plate made of light refractory material. The insulation material is made of the light aluminum silicate fiber brick, which is popular abroad.
  • Decomposing furnace tube is the core part of ammonia decomposition. In it, ammonia is decomposed into hydrogen and nitrogen mixture at high temperature under the action of catalyst. The furnace tube must be able to withstand the long-term high temperature of 900℃ and the corrosion of ammonia with high corrosive temperature. Therefore, the selection of materials is very important. The high-temperature alloy(310S or Inconel 600) is used as the material of the furnace, and the furnace is made into a U shape with special catalyst with high surface area and high nickel inside.