Nichrome Alloy

Nichrome (NiCr, NiCrFe) is any of various alloys of nickel, chromium, and often iron. The most common usage is as resistance wire, as heating elements in things like toasters and space heaters, although they are also used in some dental restorations (fillings) and in a few other applications.


  • High and stable resistivity
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Excellent anti-oxidization in high temperature
  • Sufficient high temperature strength
  • Good processability and weldability
  • Working temperature are is almost around 950~1250℃


  • Heating elements in the high temperature furnaces.
  • Nichrome wire can be used in the explosives and fireworks industry as a bridgewire in electric ignition systems, such as electric matches and model rocket igniters.
  • Industrial and hobby hot-wire foam cutters use nichrome wire.
  • Nichrome wire is commonly used in ceramic as an internal support structure to help some elements of clay sculptures hold their shape while they are still soft. Nichrome wire is used for its ability to withstand the high temperatures that occur when clay work is fired in a kiln.
  • Other areas of usage include motorcycle mufflers, in certain areas in the microbiological lab apparatus, as the heating element of plastic extruders by the RepRap 3D printing community, in the solar panel deployment mechanism of spacecraft LightSail-A, and as the heating coils of electronic cigarettes.


Performance MaterialNichrome 80Nichrome 70Nichrome 60Nichrome 40Nichrome 30Nichrome 20
Chemical Composition, %NiRestRest55.0-61.034.0-37.030.0-34.018-21
Max Working Temperature, ℃120012501150110011001050
Melting Point, ℃140013801390139013901300
Density, g/cm38.
Resistivity, μΩ·m, 20℃1.09±0.051.18±0.051.12±0.051.04±0.051.04±0.051.00±0.05
Elongation, %≥20≥20≥20≥20≥20≥30
Specific Heat, J/g•℃0.460.460.460.500.500.54
Thermal Conductivity, W/(m•K)151513131312
Coefficient of Lines Expansion, α×10-6/℃ (20-1000℃)181717191919
Micrographic StructureAusteniteAusteniteAusteniteAusteniteAusteniteAustenite
Magnetic PropertiesNon-MagneticNon-MagneticSlight MagneticNon-MagneticNon-MagneticNon-Magnetic