Cast Superalloys are mainly produced for parts and components of aviation industry by casting method. It contains Iron based, nickel based, cobalt based cast superalloys. We can produce dozens of kinds of parent alloys including equiaxed crystal, directional solidification, single crystal alloy, suitable for different temperature environments from 650 ℃ to 1100℃. The main supply of mother alloy for aviation, aerospace engines, Marine engine casting production. Civil superalloy mother alloy mainly supply engine factory, other precision foundry production civil aviation engine, gas turbine. We adopts the unique vacuum horizontal continuous casting technology to prepare the base alloy bar, the bottom casting steel, continuous forming, the base alloy bar high purity, smooth surface, high density, no center shrinkage hole, the length can be arbitrarily cut according to user demand.

  • High alloying degree
  • Excellent plasticity
  • Excellent creep strength

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