Project Description


0Cr24Al6Re is a ferric iron-chromium-aluminium(FeCrAl) high resistance heating alloy for using at temperature up to 1400℃. This alloy is almost equal to Kanthal@APM, and in China we called it HRe. HRe is mostly made into resistance heating wire/ribbon used in the high temperature furnace. The alloy is characterized by high resistivity and very good oxidation resistance.


GB/T 1234-1995 (CN);

Product Forms

Wire, Bar, Strip, Sheet, Plate, Tube, Mesh, Conveyor belt, Radiant tube heater

Chemical Composition, %

0Cr24Al6Re≤0.05≤0.40≤0.20≤0.025≤0.02522.5~26.0≤0.605.0~7.0BalAdd La+Ce, Co, Ti, Nb, Y, Zr, Hf ect, total 0.04~1.00

Mechanical Properties (RT, Annealed)

Tensile Strength, Rm/MPaElongation, A/%Hardness, HB
Dia. >3.00mm (for wire)Dia. 0.10~3.00mm (for wire) and Th. >0.20 (for strip)

Physical Properties

Max Working Temperature, ℃Melting Point, ℃Density, g/cm3Resistivity, μΩ·m, 20℃Specific Heat, J/g·℃Thermal Conductivity, KJ/m·h·℃Average Coefficient of Linear Expansion, α×10-6/℃ (20~1000℃)Micrographic StructureMagnetic Properties

Life Test

Test Temperature, ℃Continuous Service Time Hours, ℃

Temperature Factor of Resistivity



  • High resistivity
  • Low temperature coefficient of electric resistance
  • High working temperature
  • Excellent surface oxidation resistance under high temperature as well as in corrosive atmosphere
  • The unique combination of excellent oxidation properties and form stability contributes to long element service life


  • Heating elements in high temperature furnaces for firing of ceramics
  • Element in heat treatment furnaces
  • Elements in ladoratory furnaces
  • Furnaces for electronic industries
  • Diffusion furnaces