0Cr25Al5 (W.Nr. 1.4765) is an iron-chromium-aluminium alloy for use at temperatures up to 1250℃.

Equivalent Grades

Kanthal A
Resistohm 145
0Cr25Al5ⅡACrAl25 51.4765FCHW 1

Chemical Composition, %


Mechanical Properties (RT, Annealed)

Tensile Strength, Rm/MPaElongation, A/%
Dia. >3.00mm (Wire)
Thk. >0.20mm (Strip)
Dia. 0.10-3.00mm (Wire)
Thk. ≤0.20mm (Strip)

Physical Properties

Max Working Temp., Melting Point, Density, g/cm3Resistivity, μΩ·m 20℃Specific Heat, J/(g•K)Thermal Conductivity, W/(m•K) 20℃Average Coefficient of Thermal Expansion,α×10-6/℃ 20-1000℃Micrographic StructureMagnetic Properties

Life Test

Test Temperature, ℃Continuous Service Time Hours, ℃

Temperature Factor of Resistivity


Available Products and Specifications

Rod, Bar, Wire and ForgingsGB/T 1234-2012, ASTM B603-01, DIN 17470-1984, JIS C2520-1999
Plate, Sheet and StripGB/T 1234-2012, ASTM B603-01, DIN 17470-1984, JIS C2520-1999
Pipe and Tube
Welding Product


  • High resistivity
  • Low temperature coeffcient of electric resistance
  • High operating temperature up to 1300℃
  • Good oxidation resistance under high temperature


0Cr25Al5 is used in home appliances and industrial furnaces.

  • Metal sheathed tubular elements for dishwashers
  • Elements embeded in ceramics for panel heaters
  • Cartridge elements in metal dies
  • Heating cables and rope heaters in defrosting and deicing elements
  • Mica elements used in irons
  • Quartz tube heaters for space heating
  • Industrial infrared dryers
  • Coils on molded ceramic fibre for boiling plates with ceramic hobs
  • Bead insulated coils for panel heaters
  • Suspended coil elements for air heaters in laundry dryers
  • Terminals to furnace elements
  • Porcupine elements for air heating
  • Furnace heating elements