Project Description


0Cr27Al7Mo2 is a kind of super high temperature resistance heating alloy, this ferric iron-chromium-aluminium alloy’s working temperature up to 1400℃. This alloy is almost equal to Kanthal@APM and Х27Ю5Т (ГОСТ). It is widely made into spiral heating spring used in the high temperature heat treatment furnace, and it can be made heating elements used in the electric radiant tube heater.


GB/T 1234-1995 (CN); GOST 10994 & GOST 12766/1-1990 (RU)

Product Forms

Wire, Bar, Strip, Sheet, Plate, Tube, Mesh, Conveyor belt, Radiant tube heater

Chemical Composition, %


Mechanical Properties (RT, Annealed)

Tensile Strength, Rm/MPaElongation, A/%Hardness, HB
Dia. >3.00mm (for wire)Dia. 0.10~3.00mm (for wire) and Th. >0.20 (for strip)

Physical Properties

Max Working Temperature, ℃Melting Point, ℃Density, g/cm3Resistivity, μΩ·m, 20℃Specific Heat, J/g·℃Thermal Conductivity, KJ/m·h·℃Average Coefficient of Linear Expansion, α×10-6/℃ (20~1000℃)Micrographic StructureMagnetic Properties

Life Test

Test Temperature, ℃Continuous Service Time Hours, ℃

Temperature Factor of Resistivity



  • High resistivity
  • Low temperature coefficient of electric resistance
  • High working temperature
  • Excellent surface oxidation resistance under high temperature as well as in corrosive atmosphere
  • The unique combination of excellent oxidation properties and form stability contributes to long element service life


  • Heating elements for single crystal diffusion furnaces
  • Powder metallurgy products
  • Sintering furnaces
  • Ceramic calciner
  • High temperature furnace elements up to 1300℃