Project Description

15-7Mo (UNS S15700)

* Brief
PH 15-7Mo is a semi-austenitic precipitation-hardening stainless steel that provides high strength and hardness, good corrosion resistance and minimum distortion upon heat treatment. It is easily formed in the annealed condition and develops an effective balance of properties by simple heat treatments. For applications requiring exceptionally high strength, cold-reduced PH 15-7Mo Stainless Steel in Condition CH 900 is particularly useful for applications permitting only limited ductility and workability. This alloy is particularly beneficial for applications requiring high strength at elevated temperatures.

* Chemical composition, %


* Typical physical & mechanical property (Annealed)

Density, g/cm3Tensile strength, MPaYield strength, MPaElongation, %Hardness, Rc

* Specification

Bar, Rod, WirePlate, Sheet, Strip
ASTM A564, 705, SAE AMS 5644ASTM A693, SAE AMS 5528

* Feature
In its heat-treated condition, this alloy provides excellent mechanical properties at temperatures up to 900 °F (482 °C). Its corrosion resistance is superior to that of the hardenable chromium types. In some environments, corrosion resistance approximates that of the austenitic chromium-nickel stainless steels.

* Application
1. Springs
2. Retaining rings
3. Diaphragms
4. Aircraft bulkheads
5. Welded and brazed honeycomb paneling
6. Aircraft components