310S (UNS S31008 / W.Nr. 1.4845)

310S (UNS S31008 / W.Nr. 1.4845) is an austenitic chrome-nickel stainless steel, which features good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and acid and alkali resistance. Besides, it embodies excellent high temperature resistance. With high content of chromium and nickel elements, i.e., 25Cr-20Ni, 310S embodies much better creep strength which allows it to work continuously at high temperature (1150 ℃). The high temperature resistant steel tube is specially used for manufacturing electric heating tubes and the like. severely cold worked. It maintains strength at high temperatures as well as sub-zero temperatures.

Equivalent Grades

Inox 310S
Acero 310S
06Cr25Ni20AISI 310SS31008X8CrNi25-211.4845

Chemical Composition, %


Typical Physical and Mechanical Properties (RT, Annealed)

Density, g/cm3Melting Point, ℃Tensile Strength, MPaYield Strength, MPaELongation, %Hardness, HRB

Available Products and Specifications

Rod, Bar, Wire and ForgingsASTM A182
Plate, Sheet and StripASTM A167, 240
Pipe and TubeASTM A312
Welding Product
OthersASTM A403


  • Outstanding corrosion resistance
  • Good aqueous corrosion resistance
  • Not prone to thermal fatigue and cyclic heating
  • Superior to Type 304 and 309 in most environments
  • Good strength in temperatures up to 2100°F


Because of Type 310S’s excellent general properties a wide range of industries use Type 310S for an number of different applications including:

  • Furnaces
  • Oil burners
  • Heat exchangers
  • Welding filler wire and electrodes
  • Cryogenics
  • Kilns
  • Food processing equipment