Dumet Core Wire Alloy

Dumet / 4J43

Fixed expansion glass sealed Fe Ni alloy has a certain thermal line expansion coefficient in the range of 20-400 ℃. It mainly produces Dumex core sealed with soft glass on electric vacuum element.

Chemical Composition, %


Average Linear Expansion Coefficient

AlloyHeat treatment for sampleAverage linear expansion coefficient a/10-6.K-1
4J43Heating to temperature between 900℃±20℃ in a protective or vacuum atmosphere. Holding for 1hour, cooling to 200℃ at a rate less than 5℃ per min, then air cooling6.3~7.2

Available Products and Specifications

Rod, Bar, Wire and ForgingsYB/T5236-93
Plate, Sheet and StripYB/T5236-93
Pipe and TubeYB/T5236-93
Welding Product


There is a certain linear expansion coefficient in the given temperature range.


Core rod for making copper clad wire