Project Description


* Specification

AWS/ASME Spec 5.7

AWS Class ERCuNi

UNS C71581

* Chemical Composition,%


* Typical Welding Parameter & Mechanical Property

DiameterProcessVoltAmpsShielding Gas
0.0350.9GMAW26-29150-190Spray Transfer 100% Argon
1/161.6GTAW14-1890-130100% Argon
3/322.4GTAW15-20120-175100% Argon
1/83.2GTAW15-20150-220100% Argon
Tensile Strength MPa(ksi)Yield Strength MPa(ksi)Elongation %
AWS requirement345(50)Not specifiedNot specified
Typical results as welded360(53)140(21)32

* Feature

For welding of 70/30, 80/20 and 90/10 copper-nickel alloys.

Can be used for MIG overlay on steel after a first layer with Nickel 208.

Dissimilar welding applications include joining copper-nickel alloys to Nickel 200 or nickel-copper alloys.

* Application

Used for TIG and MIG and oxy-fuel welding of 70/30, 80/20 and 90/10 copper-nickel alloys.