6J22 (Karma Alloy)

Kama (Ni Cr al): nickel, chromium, aluminum, iron as the main ingredient. The resistivity is about three times higher than that of Mn Cu, and has low resistance temperature coefficient and low copper thermal potential, good resistance to long-term stability and oxidation resistance. The temperature is more wide than the manganese copper. It is suitable for making precision micro resistor element and strain gauge.

Chemical composition, %

NameGB NameMain Composition,%Standard
Karma6J2219-212.5-3.22.0-3.0BalJB/T 5328

Physical Properties

NameGB NameResistivity(μΩ.m)Temp. Coefficient of Resistivity(℃)(0~100℃) Thermal
EMF vs. Copper
Elongation(%)Tensile Strength(N/mm2)Standard
Karma6J221.33±0.07≤±20≤2.5≤300>7≥780JB/T 5328