PTC Thermistor Alloy

PTC Thermistor Resistance Alloy with medium resistivity, high positive temperature coefficient of resistance.

Chemical composition, %

Thermistor Resistance AlloysPTCBal≤0.0177-82≤0.05≤0.01JB/T 12515-2015

Physical and Mechanical Properties

AlloyBrandResistivity, μΩ.mTemperature Coefficient of Resistivity, ℃Elongation, %Tensile Strength, MPaStandard
Thermistor Resistance AlloysPTC0.20-0.38≥3000-5000≥390JB/T 12515-2015


  • High postive temperature coefficient resistance
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Automatic power adjustment
  • Constant current
  • Current limiting
  • Energy saving
  • Long service life


This material is widely used in all kinds of electric heater, also used to make thermistor, temperature measuring cathode thermometer and current limiting regulator.