Project Description


  • Brief

PTC Thermistor resistance alloy with medium resistivity, high positive temperature coefficient of resistance, this material is widely used in all kinds of electric heater, with automatic temperature control, automatic power adjustment, constant current, current limiting, energy saving, long service life, etc many advantages. Temperature coefficient of resistance: 0~100℃-6 ≥ (3000~5000)*10/℃, Resistivity: 0~100℃ 0.2~0.38μΩ•m.

  • Chemical composition, %
Thermistor resistance alloyPTCBal.≤0.0177~82≤0.05≤0.01JB / T 12515 - 2015
  • Physical and mechanical property
AlloyBrandResistivity (μΩ.m)Temperature coefficient of resistivity (℃)Elongation (%)Tensile strength, MPaStandard
Thermistor resistance alloyPTC0.20-0.38≥3000-5000-≥390JB / T 12515 - 2015