Rene 95

Rene 95 is a nickel base precipitation hardening superalloy prepared by powder metallurgy process, γ The volume fraction of phase accounts for about 47-50% of the alloy, and it can be used for a long time below 650 ℃.

Equivalent Grades

FGH4095Rene 95

Chemical Composition, %

Rene 950.04-0.07≤0.2≤0.15≤0.015≤0.01512.0-14.0Bal7.0-9.03.3-3.73.3-3.73.3-3.72.3-2.73.3-3.70.006-0.0150.03-0.07≤0.5

Typical Physical and Mechanical Properties (RT, Solution Annealed)

Density, g/cm3Melting Point, ℃Tensile Strength, MPaYield Strength, MPaELongation, %Hardness, HRB

Available Products and Specifications

Rod, Bar, Wire and Forgings
Plate, Sheet and Strip
Pipe and Tube
Welding Product


The alloy has the advantages of uniform structure, fine grain, high yield strength and good fatigue resistance. It is a turbine disk alloy with the highest strength level under 650 ° C working conditions.


The alloy has been used in the manufacture of turbine disk, compressor disk, guide disk, front and rear baffles of turbine working blades, elastic rings and other ring parts of aeroengine.