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Products Forms & Dimensions

HB SPECIAL ALLOY has established complete industrial production processes for special smelting, forging, hot rolling, cold rolling and drawing, casting. And it can be independent production casting, forging, bar, pipe, strip, plate, wire, powder and other products. We can produce the produces with China(GB), Russia(GOST), US(ANSI/ASTM/ASME/AWS), Deutsch(DIN), Japan(JIS) and other countries standards, at the same time, we can produce the special alloys based on clients’ requirements.

Billet & BarMaster AlloyDiameter 50-100mmAlloy Bar
Electroslag IngotDiameter 70-660mm
Forged BarDiameter 30-450mm
Forged Rectangular30*30-350*350mm
Hot Rolled BarDiameter 8.5-80mm
Hot Rolled Rectangular4*60-50*300mm
Cold Drawn BarDiameter 2-60mm
Disc, Bushing, Circle, FlangeAgreement
Pipe & TubeBillet PipeOD 76~200mmAlloy Tube
Seamless Pipe & TubeOD 1~273mm, Thickness 0.1~30mm, Rectangular both ok.
Welded Pipe & TubeAgreement
Plate & SheetHot Rolled Sheet/PlateThickness 4.5-50mm, Width ≤2000mm, Length ≤8000mmAlloy Sheet
Cold Rolled Sheet/PlateThickness 0.7-4.5mm, Width ≤1219mm, Length ≤3000mm
StripCold RolledThickness 0.03-4.5mm, Width ≤420mmAlloy Strip
WireHot RolledDiameter 5.5-25mm, CoilAlloy Wire
Cold Drawn WireDiameter 0.025-12mm
Profiled WireAgreement
PowderVIGA & EIGADiameter 0-150μmMetal Powder
FittingWroughtAgreementPipe Fittings

Manufacture Process

HB SPECIAL ALLOY owns advanced special smelting, casting superalloys production line, high precision pipe production line, high precision strip production line, special alloys bar/wire production line, custom powder production line, etc. It has established complete industrial production processes for special smelting, forging, hot rolling, cold rolling and drawing, casting. And it can be independent production casting, forging, bar, pipe, strip, plate, wire, powder and other products.

Manufacture Process

Manufacture Equipment

HB SPECIAL ALLOY own full sets of manufacturing facilities to meet clients for producing all types of products. Melting facilities make us to produce all kinds of super alloys; Forging process can make Rod/Ring/Disc/Flange, Hot rolling mill makes sheet/tape/rod; Cold rolling machine make precision alloy tape. Full sets of pipe/tape/wire making mill. Even includes ended products making, like pipe fittings, mesh, conveyor, radiant heater, heat exchanger and ect.

2.5T/1.0T/500KG/200KG Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace


2T/1T Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace


2T/500KG/50KG Electric Slag Remelting Furnace


Forging/Hot Rolling


Tubulating(30/60Cold Rolling Tube Mill, 6’’/10’’ Tube Drawing Mill, High Frequency Welding Pipe Mill)


4High Hot Rolling Sheet&Strip Mill; 20High Cold Rolling Tape Mill; Cladding Rolling Mill


Continuous Drawing Mill




Quality Assurance

The quality is the key of HB SPECIAL ALLOY. We have established a perfect quality assurance system and unified inspection team. Standard includes GB China; UNS/AISI/ASTM USA; JIS Japan; DIN Germany. From analyzing the chemical composition, testing mechanical properties, Nondestructive testing(ET & PT & UT & RT), Intercrystalline corrosion testing, and other special testing, it makes ended products qualified, and ensure customers to use them satisfactorily and safely.

spectrometer & cs analysis_

Universal material test_

hardness & impact test

macro & intercrystalline corrosion test

eddy current test

UT & PT_


Surface dimension check_

Quality System

All of our operations maintain ISO 9001-2015 certified quality management standards to produce alloy compositions and forms that meet nationally and internationally recognized standards or customers’ own specifications.

ISO 9001:2015

Research & Development

R&D is an essential requirement for the improvement and advancement of modern technology.

HB SPECIAL ALLOY commit to research and develop new super alloy to make life better and help customers solve metal issues. Physical & Chemical lab is engaged in material analysis for R&D projects and the daily production. We also cooperated with Beijing&Shanghai metallurgical institute and work together to make new super alloy and solve issues!

Trademark Statement

HB Special Alloy MFG has used several trademarks to distinguish its high-performance alloy products from somewhat similar products of other producers.

However, it is permissible to refer to other companies’ trademarks in technical papers or other informative articles provided they are used in accordance with the law. The ownership of each mark should be acknowledged when known, e.g. at the end of the article, and each reference must be only to material produced by or for the trademark owner and sold under the mark.

Some of the trademarks owned by others, but which may be referenced within HB Special Alloy MFG technical publications on this site, include the following:

  • A.K. Steel: NITRONIC, 17-4-PH
  • Allegheny Teledyne Inc.: AL, AL-6X and AL-6XN
  • Avesta Jernverks Aktiebolag: 253MA, 254MO
  • Carpenter Technology Corp.: CARPENTER 20CB-3LR, 20CB-3, 20Mo-6, PYROMET, MP35N
  • Haynes International: HASTELLOY, HAYNES
  • Langley Alloys Ltd.: FERRALIUM
  • Rolled Alloys, Inc.: RA, RA330, RA333, RA 85H
  • Special Metals Corp.: INCOLOY, INCONEL, MONEL, NIMONIC, UDIMET, 601GC, 625LCF, 686CPT, 718SPF, 800HT